Morning Silence (Temple of Confucius)

While speaking at an international photographic convention in China, I took a taxi to a Temple of Confucius, where I saw this man in meditation, perfectly short lit, chin up, and framed by these pillars. [wp_lightbox_fancybox_image link="" title="Bry Cox -Morning Silence (Temple of Confucius)" source=""] [wp_eStore_fancy2 id=47] [wp_eStore_cart_when_not_empty]

Enduring (Great Wall of China)

[wp_lightbox_fancybox_image link="" title="Bry Cox -Enduring" source=""] While speaking in China for a convention, I took some time to go photograph the Great Wall. I took a long ride to a distant side of the wall to avoid tourists, but still found some people walking in my shots. So I created…

Running Through Time (Great Wall of China)

[wp_lightbox_fancybox_image link="" title="Bry Cox -Running Through Time (Great Wall of China)" source=""] While enjoying the Great Wall, this little Chinese girl with jet black hair and a red dress ran by me. I quickly set up and caught this image with her in the distance. [wp_eStore_fancy2 id=45] [wp_eStore_cart_when_not_empty]

Fan of Wisdom (Temple of Confucius)

[wp_lightbox_fancybox_image link="" title="Bry Cox -Fan of Wisdom" source=""] I love this man, just sitting and fanning himself while wearing the perfect shade of blue, framed against this perfect shade of red. [wp_eStore_fancy2 id=44] [wp_eStore_cart_when_not_empty]

Rainfall in Shanghai

[wp_lightbox_fancybox_image link="" title="Bry Cox -Earth Watch, Portland Maine" source=""] When arriving in Shanghai, I was exhausted from the long flight and taxi ride. I got to my room and looked out to this scene of rain starting. I created this image, then slept until morning to the sound of rain.…

Art Book: Impressions of China

[wp_lightbox_fancybox_image link="" title="Bry Cox -Art Book: Impressions of China" source=""] A wonderful collection of images created all over in China on two different photographic speaking tours. This captures the faces, the pillars, the extraordinary buildings, the details, and the mood of being in Shanghai, Beijing¬†Chongqing, and many other areas. Each…