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Peaceful and serene lighthouses from all over the US.


Images of the romantic and genuine side of Italy, including vignettes and panoramas.

LDS Temples

Inspiring images of the Salt Lake and other temples around the world.


Stunning images of the Great Wall, Temple of Confucius, and more…

Scenic Images and Art Pieces by Bry Cox to inspire and enhance your space.

Pointing Heavenward, Salt Lake Temple

I love the stark black & white in this image, and how all the leading lines are pointing heavenward.

Morning Silence (Temple of Confucius)

While speaking at an international photographic convention in China, I took a taxi to a Temple of Confucius, where I saw this man in meditation, perfectly short lit, chin up,...

Tops of the Mountains, Salt Lake Temple

The mountain is a symbol of the Lord’s temple in the Old Testament, and the Salt Lake temple was built to resemble the mountain peaks of Utah (Isaiah 2:2). This...

Snowfall, Salt Lake City Temple

Open Edition shows title at the bottom (as shown). Custom Canvas Wraps show no title, but just black.